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360 Degree Smart-Case for iPad Mini [Black]

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Rotatable stand case for iPad Mini covered in brightly coloured cotton. Frameless design gives you access to the whole face of the iPad when you're using it, the case also protects and turns off the screen when you close it.

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This 360 degree case allows you to rotate your iPad mini to any angle you want! Use it either vertically or horizontally ; great for sharing a view with friends. Finished in a high quality durable cotton, this case also has a strap so it won't accidentally open when stored in your bag or on the move. Auto-sleep function allows you to turn the screen off automatically when you shut the case. As with all our cases, this has slots for the camera, power button, charger and headphones jack. It's also totally frameless which means you get to see the whole face of the iPad when you're using it. Includes storage for credit cards or business cards inside.

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